Facebook Internship

What did I learn over the 12-week internship?

Project Context

Over the summer of 2018, I worked as a Product Design Intern at Facebook Ads Org. My team is called Business Interfaces and I was working on the product development for an internal tool. My project specifically was to improve the onboarding flow and in-product messaging system for this tool. During the course of three months, I designed an end-to-end onboarding experience, which has been shipped, and also established a messaging framework guiding when and how to deliver messages to people.

Due to the confidentiality of this project, I cannot present the visuals or elaborate how does the product work. If you are interested in learning more about this project, feel free to contact me!

PracticesDesign System, Design Tools, Product Thinking, Interaction Design, Visual Design
Methods & Tool
Interview, Competitive Analysis, Sketch & Principle
Product Design Intern
June 25-Sep 14, 2018


Understanding the people

As I started my initial research, I interviewed 8 FB employees to find out how they get started with the tool. In the interviews, I asked them to recall and walk me through the experience when they first used it and created a new project. I asked how they typically learn a new tool and how they expect to learn this tool.

Understanding the products


For New Users,
adding a onboarding step before jumping into a blank page

To help new users get started with the tool more easily, I added a New Project Modal assisting them to preset the settings of the new projects. After iterations based the feedback received from the weekly design critiques, I simplified the modal and moved some of the content into a Onboarding Guided Tour on the blank page.


Fighting against my comfort zone

As an Asian woman, I was raised in a way that I should listen more and speak less, and I shouldn't say anything if I'm not sure. I was so scary to be wrong or to show something that is imperfect. However, my manager told me that if it's uncomfortable, do it; if it's impossible, don't; which was totally blown my mind. So I step out to prepare for my first presentation, and then maintain the conversation in the following weeks. Gradually, I felt comfortable and confident in showing my work and taking feedback.

Design is a learning process
From the regular critiques and communication, I realized that design is a learning process in a way that designers exchange experience and learn from each other. It's not a "senior vs. junior" or "teacher vs student" relationship.

Knowing what I don't know
Earlier in the internship, the biggest problem for me to improve was that I don't know what I don't know. Now, after 12 weeks, I think I have a clear sense of what should I learn, which skills should I focus on, what good looks like. I'm sure that after the internship ends, I will go back to school with a strong purpose and a solid plan for improvement.